Members Webinar: How to Deal with Editorial Advice and Understanding Your Genre, with Lisa Eveleigh and Andrew Lowe

November 17, 2021


Find out how to respond to editorial feedback to your work and identify your genre, with Literary Agent Lisa Eveleigh and Editor and Author Andrew Lowe.

When working with an agent and publisher, or teaming up with an editor, it’s vitally important that you are able to respond to feedback and edit your work. How do you pick the right people to work with and what’s the process like?  Genre is also a way that the book trade understands your work and works out how to sell you to readers. How do you identify the genre you’re writing in and why is it important to fit within the tropes of that genre? Can you write against type and what does that mean for the eventual publication and readership of your book?

Justine Solomons, Director of Byte the Book will host this webinar. Her guests are Lisa Eveleigh and Andrew Lowe.

Lisa began her career at A P Watt, the world’s oldest literary agency, after working as a researcher at the BBC.  She was not only the first woman -  but the first person - in A P Watt’s history -  to progress from assistant to the director. Lisa now runs Richford Becklow, established in 2011.  Her interests are in literary and commercial fiction, biography, and memoir. You can find out more about her on her website

Andrew is a freelance book editor and author with a background in consumer magazine journalism. He's edited, launched and relaunched several national UK titles, and written for The Guardian, Sunday Times, Men’s Health and Total Film on lots of different topics including video games, films, TV, sex, sport, The Young Ones, 1970s Public Information Films, Game of Thrones (before it was popular) and how to avoid shin splints. He's edited novels in multiple genres—including series—and worked with authors on writing craft, story development and marketing copy.He's written ten fiction novels, including a series of crime thrillers (six titles and counting). You purchase his Jake Sawyer Crime Thriller series here and find out more about his editorial services on his website

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