Byte Training: Getting Social: How to Promote Yourself and Your Book on Social Media

April 21, 2021

Social media is a great way to speak directly with readers and people who will be interested in your books, but it can be overwhelming when you’re starting out challenging to know what to focus on.

If you are not sure of:

      • Which channels to be on and what you should be trying to do on each of them
      • Who your audience is
      • What to talk about
      • How to promote your book in a way that feels comfortable
      • How to build your following
      • How to make it fit into your life and not be overwhelming


    ....then these sessions are designed to help you.

    You will leave the workshops with an understanding of who you are trying to reach, the channels you want to focus on, and content that you can share, as well as strong insight into each of the channels.

    This workshop is designed to help people just getting started on social media, but if you’ve been active on social media for a while and don't feel it's working for you or would like a refresher, then this should help you too.

    These workshops will be hosted by Kelly Weekes. Kelly helps authors with their social media presence, either building on their existing presence or helping them to get started if they are new to social media. She helps busy publishers and book-related businesses by devising and managing Facebook advertising campaigns, mentoring and training staff and authors in social media and/or Facebook advertising, and creating social media strategies. She has worked in marketing within publishing for twenty years (HarperCollins, Hodder & Stoughton, and Time Inc) and invests regularly in her own training to ensure her skills are completely up to date.

Watch a short video with Kelly Weekes about the workshops and what you will learn during the two sessions: