Byte Lunch: Understanding Relationships with Publishing Professionals

June 10, 2022

Publishing can be a confusing industry for an author to navigate – Do you need an agent? Should you self-publish? How can you avoid a predatory hybrid press? – but experienced professionals exist with the skills to help and advise you in your dealings with the industry. One such is Janey Burton: a publishing consultant, editor and contracts negotiator.

Janey worked for literary agents and publishers big and small before setting up her own business in 2012. She’s been the one combing through the submission pile at an agency, she’s pitched new titles to the sales team at an indie publisher, and she’s negotiated and amended thousands of author contracts for a Big Five publisher.

So, she’s ideally placed to offer an insider perspective on such thorny issues as why another author ‘stealing’ your idea isn’t wrong, why publishers don’t want to republish your self-published book and what to do instead, and how to be the kind of author an agent wants to represent.

This event is an unrivaled opportunity to pick Janey’s brains! Bring your questions and get ready for a frank discussion with a funny, kind and supportive publishing pro.

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