Byte Lunch: Editing with Cornerstones Literary Consultancy

September 30, 2022

The publishing industry can be confusing, but Founding Director of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy Helen Corner-Bryant is here to help. 

Join us for a literary salon with Helen Corner-Bryant of Cornerstones, and come armed with questions. Helen is the founding director of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy UK/US and Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre for Publishing, Department of Information Studies, UCL. Prior to setting up the consultancy she spent several years working as an editor at Penguin Books.

Helen will provide tips on all things editorial and submitting to the trade, covering areas such as:

  • How to write that dreaded synopsis
  • What exactly is show not tell, and when you should show and when you should tell!
  • How to build on pace
  • How to strengthen your writing
  • What you should submit to an agent
  • How to land on that agent's desk

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This event is only open to Byte The Book members. You can join us via