Agent Tables (February 2023)

February 1, 2023

It's notoriously hard for authors to meet agents so for the past few years we've been running Agent Tables. Lots of authors have found agents and some have secured publishing deals, others have got useful advice that they have used to refine their submissions.

This event is sponsored by HW Fisher. There will be spaces for just eighteen authors, each author will submit their work first and get the opportunity to take two of the thirty-six slots on the day to meet privately with two agents each who have read their work.

We ask that you submit your work to us by 20th January 2023 to give us time to send work to the agents.

Tickets are £100* for Byte The Book members and £150* for non-members.

If you're not already a member you can join Byte The Book here.

**Ticket price excludes booking fee and VAT.

*Submission Guidelines (once you have purchased your tickets)

Please submit to and include all below in a single document. Also please save the document as your name then title: e.g. JoeBloggsAgentTablesFebruary2023ByteTheBook. Also please note in your covering email to us which agents you have already submitted to, if any, or if there are any agents who want us to avoid for any other reason.

We require for all submissions:

Submit to with subject line Agent Tables submission YOUR NAME

Note in the body of your email if there are any agents you have already submitted to, either directly or through a previous Byte The Book event.

Let us know if there are any agents you would like us to to avoid submitting your work to – you do not have to state why.

Attach a single document to your email, saved as your name, then the event, then your book title, for example: JoeBloggsAgentTablesFebruary2023MyNovelTitle.

Within the submission document include the following three elements:


* Address your letter Dear Agent – we don't give out names of agents prior to the event so covering letters are generic and do not need to include any references as to why you have chosen to submit to a particular agent.

* This is your chance to pitch! It should be concise and punchy, ideally three or four paragraphs on a single page and approximately 80% about your book and 20% personal biography.

* Include previously published works, writing experience, competitions won, relevant life experience and anything else about you that might be relevant or interesting.

* Introduce your book by genre and include a comparison to other similar authors or titles to show market awareness and where your book might sit within it. If you struggle for specific comparisons, mention authors you enjoy or admire.

* State what stage your project is at (concept, first draft, finished, etc.)

* For narrative non-fiction (e.g. biography/memoir): include why you are the best person to tell this story and how you might help to promote it, e.g. through online presence, blog, social media platform etc; also why the focus of the biography/memoir is interesting and/or relevant and why this is a story that needs to be told.

* For ideas led/serious non-fiction (e.g. science, smart-thinking, health/wellbeing, history): include why you are qualified to write on this subject and how you might help to promote it, e.g. through online presence, blog, social media platform, etc


* Adult fiction Up to 600 words outlining the plot of your novel

* Adult narrative non-fiction Outline of around 600 words

* Ideas led/serious non-fiction Overview and outline, up to 800 words (including brief chapter breakdown)


* First two or three chapters, or equivalent, amounting to 8,000-10,000 words