A Writer’s Journal Workshop with Lucy Van Smit

March 30, 2022

Join award-winning author Lucy van Smit in this interactive workshop on how a writing journal can re-wild your creativity and empower your writing craft.

Many writers know how to write, but even successful authors struggle to know how to thrive in their writing life and can hit years of crippling self-doubt and writer’s block. Lucy will share science and spirituality based tools from her best-selling A WRITER’S JOURNAL WORKBOOK that will equip your writing practice to flourish.

The intention of this workshop is connect a writer to a sense of themselves, amplify writing confidence and give a taste of what it is like to feel grounded in one’s own writing.

Bring headphones, a pen and paper to write on. Read ahead and take advantage of a 25% discount from Bloomsbury for Byte The Book participants on A WRITER’S JOURNAL WORKBOOK - a link to buy will be sent once you have purchased your ticket.